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I worked with Lawrence Groening on the Access Anthology put together as part of Gallery TPWs symposium we are what we care for. Lawries attention to detail and meticulous approach were instrumental in ensuring the publications success. From the moment we started working together, it was evident that Lawrie had a deep understanding of the editing process and a keen eye.


Lawries commitment to excellence was truly impressive. They left no stone unturned and meticulously combed through the entire anthology, catching typos, grammatical mistakes, and inconsistencies that I had overlooked. Their thoroughness and dedication to maintaining the highest standards of editing were invaluable in tying the publication together to form a coherent anthology.


What set Lawrie apart was not just their attention to detail, but also their ability to provide both critical and compassionate feedback. They offered constructive suggestions for improvement while being mindful of preserving the authors voice and intention, asking questions when appropriate and making excellent judgement calls.


I am immensely grateful to Lawrie for his exceptional work. Thanks to their expertise, I am proud to say the anthology is a polished and cohesive collection. I wholeheartedly recommend Lawrie to anyone seeking a meticulous and insightful copy editor who will go above and beyond to ensure the excellence of their project. Their dedication and expertise make them an invaluable asset to any publishing endeavor.

Sean Lee, Tangled Art + Disability

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I had the pleasure of working with Lawrie on the development of an Anthology with Tangled Art + Disability. Lawrie came highly recommended by a colleague, and throughout the project I was impressed by Lawrie’s high degree of professionalism and dedication to the project. Lawrie provided stylistic commentary, corrected grammatical errors, and raised important queries about content that supported the team in making important decisions about content and style during our editing process. Not only did Lawrie provide insightful feedback and commentary on drafts but Lawrie also went above and beyond in ensuring all contributions to the anthology received copy editing when we were behind schedule. Lawrie was highly responsive and returned the copy edited pieces back promptly so that we could get a high quality final project to print on time. It was a pleasure working with Lawrie, and I would recommend them to anyone seeking copy editing in the future.

L Morris

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Lawrie was contracted for copyediting and proofreading projects related to a series of educational resources for adult learners with lower literacy levels. Lawrie put a lot of thought and care into these editing projects, and he very quickly picked up on the style and voice used in our resources. He was professional, prompt, and a delight to work with. I look forward to working with Lawrie again in the future!

Dorothy Milne, ABC Life Literacy Canada

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


I subcontracted Lawrence to help me complete a project for a client. He was an absolute godsend and I could not have finished my project without his help. He was incredibly detailed and thorough. Lawrence helped develop a style guide to standardize the grammar and usage across the entire collection and then implemented those standards with precision.


A good portion of the book related to a field of study that Lawrence was not familiar with, but he kept communication open and asked questions when he encountered those elements. He made it so easy to collaborate. He was also able to help correct the errors that were introduced through the digitization process, for which I am so grateful.


I accepted practically all of the thousands of changes he made. So, when I say he is detailed, thorough, and precise, I feel like I’m understating the impact he had on the project.


I recommend him without reservation. He will always be my go-to for any editing needs.

Anne O’Connor, UX designer

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Lawrence possesses an innate ability to read through a piece of writing and know exactly how it can be improved. He challenged me and made me think more broadly about the ways in which I could make my piece more effective and clear.


Lawrence is knowledgeable, professional, communicative, and supportive. He pointed out areas for improvement that I hadn’t even considered, in addition to helping me form a more cohesive and intentional piece of writing. His keen eye for detail homed in on technical mistakes that I had missed.


I often consult Lawrence on questions regarding conscious language as he is extremely well-versed on this topic and offers his lived experience as perspective and guidance.


He is non-judgmental, patient, and committed to preserving the author’s message while helping to make it the best it can be.

Tali Ijack, Editing for Humans

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I mentored Lawrie during his internship at Iguana Books. He’s a thoughtful editor with a wonderful work ethic and strong interpersonal skills. A pleasure to work with!

Paula Chiarcos, Iguana Books

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