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Greeting cards and bookmarks

We all know that cats are the best. So here to celebrate that fact is Schwarze Katzen Cards (because everything is better when it’s in a different language).


Cards and bookmarks are hand-painted using watercolour and gouache on watercolour paper. Cards are 5"x 7" and have been prepared and printed by a family-owned small Canadian business on high quality uncoated cardstock. Bookmarks are custom made and waxed.

Click on the  design for a detailed view of the front and to get a peek at the inside. All cards are $8, except for “Kitty” in the Sky which is $4. Bookmarks are $30. Delivery is free if you live in Toronto and $4 for posting to anywhere else.

Kitty in the Sky
Meowy Catmas
Springing into Action
Adopt a Panther
Cat on a Hat
Summer Livin’
fili for mama_edited.jpg
Party Like It's 2019
Bunny Friends Furever
Autumn Hunt
Custom bookmarks
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